Want to become a retailer?

  • Do you have hands-on retail experience?
  • Do you have an existing store that you would like to convert to a SPAR outlet?
  • Do you have retail premises that could be converted to supermarket use?
  • Do you have land in a prime location that you would like to develop into a SPAR supermarket?
  • Do you have access to funding to develop a SPAR supermarket?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, follow these  6 simple steps to finding out more about joining the SPAR organisation;

  1. Contact SPAR's development team giving them the exact details of your proposal, based on any one of the questions posed above?
  2. SPAR's development team will be in touch with you to assess your plan in terms of feasibility and location.
  3. Should your site be approved, you will be given the Guild of SPAR Grocers Constitution and the Membership Application form, which will clearly highlight what is takes to be an active and participative member of SPAR.
  4. Should you be happy with the conditions of joining, you will be required to fill in the Membership Application Form.
  5. Your application, together with your feasibility study, will be considered by the Guild of SPAR Grocers (an elected committee of independent SPAR Retailers), in line with the conditions as laid out in the Constitution.
  6. Should your application be successful, the entire SPAR team will guide you through the detailed programme of store design, planning, training, recruitment and operations to the eventual opening of your store.

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