1 Minute Health Tips

30 January 2018

In just 60 seconds, you can improve your health!
Sounds to easy, right? It is just that simple. We have a few ways that you can improve your health, which only take 60 seconds out of your day!

  • Give someone a hug – Stress is an exacerbating factor in a lot of modern health issues; when you are stressed you activate your flight-or-fight response making your body and your heart work harder. Hugging releases oxytocin, which tells your brain you are safe; turning off your stress trigger and letting your body focus it’s energy on maintaining your systems.
  • Wash your hands, properly – It takes only 20 seconds to wask your hands properly with soap and water. Three times a day; that’ll keep you cleaner and washing your hands is your “first line of defense against germs”.
  • Call a loved one – taking a minute out of your day to call someone you care about releases oxytocin – the happiness hormone.
  • Stand up – Sitting down for too long affects your posture andmakes you feel sleepy. Take a little walk around your office, room or garden; the fresh air will refresh you and give you a boost of energy.
  • Breath in, breath deep – Take five slow, deep breaths; all the way into your stomach. This helps alleviate stress, as well as releasing shoulder and neck pain.

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