Eat More Fibre!

30 January 2018

#DidYouKnow: By simply eating more fibre, you could lose weight without the stresses of a strict diet?
Studies from AHA (American Heart Association) have shown that by eating 30 grams of fiber everyday; you can lose weight, speed up your metabolism and have a healthier heart, mind and body! This is because fiber-rich foods keep you fuller for longer, meaning you are less tempted to rich for less healthy foods!

Follow these 4 simple tips to increase your fibre:

  1. Eat your fruits and vegetables– try and eat your fruits, rather than have them in juices as most of the fiber is left out when it is juiced!
  2. If it’s green, be keen – green vegetables contain a large amount of great dietary fiber.
  3. Say yes to the skin – don’t peel off the edible skin on your fruit and vegetables. If you are worried about pesticides, just give them a good wash before eating.

Pulses are great for your pulse – beans, lentils and peas are a great source of fiber, very filling and they are purse friendly too!

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